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Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 7pm to 8pm Central Time

Exclusive Webinar with David Young, Author of Holy Spirit: Filled, Empowered, and Lead, hosted by

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Lesson one: What is progressive Christianity and why does it matter?

Look at each of the following statements that some progressives make, and answer these two questions about each: (1) What problem are progressives trying to solve with this statement? (2) What would be a biblical response?
• “My God would never send anyone to hell. He is too good for that.”
• “I know that Paul didn’t want women to be senior leaders in the church, but Jesus never said anything about it.”
• “Love means accepting everyone as they are, including LGBTQ people.”
• “We don’t need to wait until after our death to live in heaven. Through just and merciful policies, we can bring heaven to earth now.”
• “Jesus is a great teacher, but he is not the only path to truth.”

Lesson two: The authority of the Scriptures vs. self-inspired sentiment

Read Jeremiah 17:9. What does Jeremiah mean when he says that the heart is deceitful? In what ways is this true? Progressivism often follows the heart over the Scriptures. Can you name some ways that progressives wrongly trust their hearts with unchristian results?

Lesson three: Evaluating select tenets of progressive Christianity

The Bible teaches that humans are steeped in sin to the point of being unable to save ourselves or build our own utopia. Progressives often assume the opposite: that humans are good enough that we can create a sort of utopia here on earth through policy and social changes. Why does this difference matter? Is there a balance that can be obtained? If so, what would it be?

Lesson four: The future of progressive Christianity

Progressives often accuse biblical Christians of being hateful, legalistic, judgmental, or unscientific. How do you respond to these accusations? How do you explain the Bible’s teaching against same-sex activity without sounding hateful? How about the Bible’s claim that salvation can be found only in Jesus? Is it unscientific to believe in the literal resurrection of Jesus? How can Christians believe the literal resurrection in an age of science?

How can you talk to someone who is already leaning progressive? What can you say that might help them desire biblical Christianity?