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Jason Whitlock is a popular African American sports journalist and culture critic.

He is a weekly guest on Tucker Carlson, and more importantly, a popular columnist, podcaster, and TV host for The Blaze, where he hosts the daily show Fearless with Jason Whitlock.

Even more importantly, Jason Whitlock is actively promoting the teachings of Jesus Christ on his daily show—in a way that seems unparalleled in modern media. The pursuit of the ways of Jesus is especially strong on Wednesdays with his “Tennessee Harmony” segment, where he regularly hosts’s Bobby Harrington and Anthony Walker for a conversation about how the teachings of Christ intersect with cultural issues in the news that week.

Whitlock is raw and transparent about his failings and weaknesses, while being fearless in his attack on prevailing influences in our culture such as cultural Marxism. Yet he remains surprisingly apolitical, believing that the way forward is to go back to the teachings of Christ instead of relying on politics.

Bobby Harrington described his discipling relationship with Jason in a recent article at called “5 Insights Jason Whitlock Has Given Me About Being a Disciple of Jesus.” This article provides a helpful good snapshot of his focus.

During his fearless conversation, Whitlock will provide insightful analysis of how we must uphold the ways of Christ when it comes to race, gender, LGBTQ+ issues, gluttony, music, and other cultural influences. This conversation will point everyone back to Scripture and the importance of the faithfulness of the local church.

At this event everyone will gain a better understanding of how seeks to renew the teachings of Jesus to fuel disciple making both throughout the nation and within local churches. The session will close with an opportunity to financially partner with in this mission.